The Beauty Routine, our key to glow

Today I decided to write about our skin, our largest body organ, with an impressive surface area of approximately 22 square feet, because it’s been my focus @luuxcare for the past 18 months.

Our skin works hard every single day to protect our bodies from harmful external elements. We can’t ignore that. It is therefore important to take good care of it… In order to protect, preserve and keep it healthy, a simple but daily beauty routine is a [freely and readily available] must

Why is a daily routine so crucial?

When we’re young, we do not question our skin’s health and just take it for granted. But did you know you lose 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells every minute of every day? Yes, it’s an overwhelming lot that can in turn mean that the healthy skin we have today, won’t look that great tomorrow any more. That’s the reason why maintaining (enforcing?) a consistent daily skincare routine will help maintain our skin’s radiance and complexion, enabling us to look radiant in the long term!

A beauty routine is a discipline, a repeated option to notice changes within yourself, a limitless chance to congratulate yourself for the self-care you treat yourself with, a daily opportunity to feel good about yourself. Indeed, your face is the first part of your body that others see (and look at!), and therefore, having a healthy and radiant skin will ensure higher self-confidence. This is proven. So, really make sure that you are consistent in your skin care routine to keep your skin looking at its best all year round, all life long. 

Pure products, better skin

If you have been part of those wanting to and searching how to have radiant and healthy skin for years, you are well aware that the choices you make and actions you take every day are extremely important. At the same time, we all know that lots of skincare products contain chemicals or ingredients that damage our skin. Thus, in a crowded, noisy and heavily marketing-driven market, it is important to choose G.O.O.D products consciously: natural AND pure. We are extremely happy to notice that the younger generations really pay attention and do their readings 🙂

When we started LUUX care® with my business partner Geraldine Hafkemeijer, we decided to develop beauty and well-being rituals that combined light and natural ingredients in order to treat the skin and mind with exactly what they need: no small letters + an inspiration from Nature’s wisdom only. 

Nature needs time and does not hurry

The science and huge research effort behind skincare products have come a long way, but guess what, there is still no such thing as a healthy instant fix 🙂 No instant solution is natural. You need time to reap the benefits of the use of pure products. Your skin needs time and a consistent routine to feel and look great. This is why a daily commitment is so important!

Ask for professional advice in order to select the right products (the ones that will benefit YOUR skin), make sure your morning+evening routines are simple enough so you do not give up on them – let’s face it, all of us are most often in a rush when we’re not contained or quarantined. Aim to use a product over a period of at least six weeks, once or twice daily, to notice a difference. And needless to say that if you can afford organic products, do not hesitate a minute. ndlr: We are faithful and loyal organic believers…

Once again, if you want lasting results, regularity is your free key! Take time every day to show your skin love, by implementing a skincare morning and evening routine with pure products given by Nature & Science combined. You are well on your way to living with a radiant and gorgeous skin that not only you will notice!

Of course, if you can add regular LED Light therapy sessions to natural cosmetics and healthy habits, nothing will stand in the way of a beautiful, bright, dewy skin… but just start on the starting line.

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