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“They can copy the how, but they can't copy the why".

JT Foxx

During the strict and long covid lockdown that I spent in France, I implemented several new routines in order to not fall asleep (well, not that I run on a lot of sleep, but it’s an image).

Why routines?

  1. The workload was more intensive than ever.
  2. We had major business challenges (should I say problems? yes!)
  3. Managing from a distance and keeping teams functional in such a period of uncertainty was eating up my energy.
  4. Family life was busy (for me as well as for all of you).
  5. I am a firm believer in the power of routines (non only beauty routines).

I explored the routine options available on Insta and Facebook, and built up my work days around them. We’ll come back to them in another post.

That’s how I decided, among others, to wrap up every single day by participating in a live coaching given by my coach JT Foxx, between 10pm and 11…pm. In bed, with a notebook and all business radars turned ON. The first thing I did the next morning was to implement what made sense in my businesses and current projects. It’s been absolutely amazing, mind blowing.

The funny thing is that, because of the weirdness of the period, my kids could not easily find sleep at night, and my 12 and 10yo joined me several times on the live, asking questions along the coaching session. Not that JT Foxx tries to influence children, but he is just inspiring. Those two now want to start their own business, respectively becoming Brand Strategist and Designer, which I totally support!

And guess what?

Last week, I had the great surprise and honour to receive this video from JT Foxx in my inbox, in which he endorses me personally. Yay! And I thought it was worth sharing for several reasons.

For those who do not know JT Foxx, he is the Canadian-American world’s number one wealth and business coach, serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, private equity investor as well as a property investor. Most people hate him, because he is successful and does not cuddle anyone. Those who work with him know he’s worth any serious entrepreneur’s time and money. Working with him is not an expense, it’s an investment that turns your business(es) around and impacts for good both your business mindset and your way of doing business.

So, what are the 3 takeaways?

  1. I am reliable and keep my promises because I believe in the power of relational capital. Indeed, I am convinced that clients who put their trust in me to build or accelerate their business thanks to my branding and marketing skills, buy guidance, shortcuts, results AND access. It is therefore vital to open doors for them, to connect them with whoever they need on their growth journey. This requires honesty and transparency.
  2. JT Foxx stresses that I am “very very authentic“. Spot on. I do what I preach and preach what I do. Alignment is a daily choice. People value that in our collaboration.
  3. JT Foxx appreciates my being a problem solver and a solution finder. The least I can say is that I’m not navigating in a crystal clear waters towards a paradise island, but no challenge seems too big not to be overcome. I am not afraid of failing, I just work out solutions that participate in solving the problems that myself, my team or my clients can face.

A lady on a mission

As JT Foxx always says, when you operate in crowded markets, players can copy the “how”, but they can’t copy the “why”. Deep inside me, I am convinced that a strong ecosystem of small and medium size enterprises is the future of our economies. I believe it is the most adequate answer to the required agility, the crisis of purpose at the workplace, its collateral call for a meaning as well as for a deeper sense of participation in society. This is why we have structured our branding agency Incubator Studio with my business partner Coralie Rocque to support and team up with solopreneurs, startups and SMEs, as a player of their size. We are part of this powerful movement of brave and bold risk-takers standing up for a healthier economy. We never give up on a client: we always do whatever it takes to enable their success.


Thank you, JT. for your words I’ll hopefully give you more reasons to endorse me in the next coming months and years. I will keep on living my professional life out of passion, drive, consistency and the #noexcuses mentality.

Watch the endorsement video below:

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