In business, beauty is underrated

“Even if it is true that the average man seems most comfortable with the commonplace and familiar, it is equally true that catering to bad taste, which we so readily attribute to the average reader, merely perpetuates that mediocrity and denies the reader one of the most easily accessible means for aesthetic development and eventual enjoyment.”

Paul RAND — Thoughts on Design

In our current business world, it seems commonly agreed that alignment, speed and profits are essential, but could we please make space for beauty and grace as well? Apparently, good design and refinement don’t sell, do they? It makes me crazy and do hope I’m not the only one…

Why on earth are there so many ugly logos, brand visual identities, websites, landing pages, newsletters, flyers, brochures, business cards, packaging, street ads etc. Why? Supposedly because it sells. Some say it sells much better than refined design.

But I mean, the world was created amazingly beautiful, just look at Mother Nature if you’re still in doubt. The fact we transgressed its natural beauty does not make it right. What if the business world became a giant movement of beauty and started caring about the readily available wealth of shapes, colours, technologies and talent? Haha, the dreamer is back.

My point is that it does not cost more to produce the same end “products” with proper design brains and hands, than it costs to produce ugly things that spread their ugliness on their target market segments for hours, days, months and years… online and offline.

I am well aware that beauty and aesthetics criteria vary per age, gender, location, culture etc, but I mean, some obviously unrefined and disgraceful brands could relieve our eyes and score better only by considering some kind of purity for their brand identity and communication! In case they have no qualified designer, they could opt for simplicity – “less is more” always works.

I do admire creative people out there, even more so as I cannot draw or design anything by myself. I want to thank them for making our cities, streets, shops, cafes, shelves, fridges and screen pages resourceful and enjoyable.

My way of being grateful, thanking them, rewarding their effort and encouraging them is to buy from beautiful brands only. It implies being selective, but I can do it, and so can my kids. This consumption shift is a fun game and doesn’t cost a penny; we will therefore stick to it.

Embrace and support beauty in business, join the movement! Rely on the little things that add up to beautify your life!

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