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About me?

Iron hands in velvet gloves

I am a lady on a mission. A builder. A protector. A believer.

Every single day, with all my heart, talents and skills, I do my best and play my part to create balance, alleviate poverty and generate wealth thanks to business education, entrepreneurship and expertise transfer. I value alignment, authenticity and the search for truth more than anything else.

I am a serial entrepreneur with a corporate background, who believes in collaboration and cooperation more than in competition to create value for all parties. My business partners and friends would tell you I am a visionary and creative right brainer, a risk-taker who sees opportunities and full pictures. I fearlessly create frames to catch my dreams before they slip away. I am doer, an achiever, a true believer that opportunities do not vanish, but just go to somebody else.

I am recognized as a born leader, a supportive mother and manager, a personable individual, a solution finder, a humanist, a positive yet cautious thinker. Iron hands in velvet gloves, without excel sheets but rather a very structured methodology and actionable tools.

Mentoring, negotiation, education, brand building, museum tours, psychology, art & design, travel, public speaking, philosophy, spirituality, refined food and LED Light Therapy, keep me smiling and running (cycling?) 18 hours a day 7 days a week.

Fun facts

I only feel good in big cities, the countryside is not my thing (yet?).

I drink 2L of (herbal)tea per day, but no alcohol (and yes, I'm a French national).

I never had a TV or a Netflix subscription, and never watched a series.

I am a museum addict (and so are my kids)

Practicing business makes me happy

LED Light Therapy is my glow secret