Welcome to my world. I am

Aurélie Bécat

Vision. Decision. Action.

Ikigai Incubator Studio amsterdam Aurelie-Becat-Aurélie-Bécat

My Why

There are 3 main reasons why I wake up joyful every day with the firm conviction that I have my role to play to make the world a better place, using the talents that were given to me:

  • create wealth & alleviate poverty thanks to entrepreneurship,
  • encourage [wo]men to value their natural beauty & embrace their maturity to age gracefully,
  • support families to raise their children in the love of art, culture, beauty & real life connections.

My life mottos?

"Make your life a dream,
and a dream, a reality."

& "Grow fast or die slow."

Things I'm proud of

My story

Born and raised in Paris, well travelled and settled in Amsterdam, I thrive in international environments where authenticity, drive, boldness and resilience matter more than cultural codes and degrees.

Philosophy, theology, art and business matter to me and keep me both rooted and happy. In order to shine and glow though – even during the endless Dutch winter, I also need to make use of Nature’s wisdom, under the form of LED Light Therapy, organic cosmetics, food supplements… and sun stolen abroad.

I am the mother of three wonderful daughters whom I have been raising on my own for five years. They are a blessing, my strength, my tutors, my daily routine enablers, to some extent a business inspiration… but not my coaches! The latter are Americans and do not cuddle me.

Entrepreneurship is in my DNA: I see the world in business opportunities and people as potential partners. I’d be complete if everyone I collaborate with could find his life mission, rise, shine, make more money and smile thankfully.

Thoughts that cross my mind...

Ces jeunes qui m'élèvent

Ces jeunes qui m'élèvent

Du rôle des petites entreprises dans le mentorat des jeunes et du merveilleux dans la co-croissance
Getting wiser

Getting wiser

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fleur de macadam

fleur de macadam

Que l'on soit enraciné dans la ville ou dans la nature, notre chemin importe autant que notre destination.

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